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Medical Mission, Burundi, 27.9.2014

On Saturday, the 27th of September 2014, a five-member team of Heart Doctors left Athens for Burundi through Brussels flying with Brussels Airlines. The purpose of this humanitarian mission was to offer medical assistance and medication to sick populations living in remote and distant rural communities in the provinces of Gitega and Muyinga. The local preparation and coordination of the mission was undertaken by the Governors of the two provinces. The responsible services and officers of those provinces carried out this job very effectively and thus they essentially contributed to the success of the mission.

The members of the team stayed at an hotel in the capital of the two provinces. Every morning they visited by car a community of the relevant province as scheduled by the coordinator; they worked there till evening and then they returned to the hotel to spend the night. The sick people gathered at local medical centers, schools or other suitable places where Heart Doctors arranged their improvised dispensary and received the people for examination and treatment.

In the province of Gitega the following communities were visited by the team:

29.9.2014: Gitega Zone Rural Diseases and health problems observed: cleft lip, arthralgia, gastroenteritis, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, infections of the upper respiratory system, parasites of the alimentary canal.

30.9.2014: Bugendana Diseases: Bronchitis, gastroenteritis, arthralgia, anemia, parasites of the alimentary canal; a young boy suffered from acute abdomen and was taken to hospital for treatment.

1.10.2014: Mutaho Diseases: goiter, bronchitis, gastroenteritis, lower back pain, parasites of the alimentary canal; two children suffered from spastic paralysis

2.10.2014: Maramvya Diseases: Cahexia, gastroenteritis, malaria, chronic infected wounds, elephantiasis ( 2 cases), parasites of the alimentary canal.

In the province of Muyinga the following communities were visited:

3.10.2014: Hospital of the District Giteramyi CDS Mugano Diseaes: Malaria, cahexia, Korsakoffs syndrome, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, infection of the upper respiratory system, hepatitis, urinary tract infection, parasites of the alimentary canal.

4.10.2014: Kamaramagambo Health Center Diseases: Hepatitis, cahexia, HIV, lower back pain, skin diseases, parasites of the alimentary canal.

5.10.2014: Center of Sante Kayenzi Diseases: Malaria, gastroenteritis, bronchitis; a 14 years old girl suffered from leg osteomyelitis and was sent to Ngozi hospital for the necessary special therapy.

6.10.2014: Hospital of Cashoho Diseases: Malaria, cahexia, bronchitis, gastroenteritis, parasites of the alimentary canal, arthralgia, urinary tract infections.

7.10.2014: Hospital of Muyinga Diseases: Malaria, infections of the upper respiratory system, skin diseases, cahexia, arthralgia, conjunctivitis, parasites of the alimentary canal.

The team returned to Athens on Thursday, the 9th of October, 2014.