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Medical Mission, Ghana,15.10.2014

A five member team of Heart Doctors departed from Athens on the 15th of October 2014 to the capital of Ghana via Constantinople. In Accra the team was received by a member of the government and representative of SADA in Accra, who had made arrangements for accommodation in a hotel of the city. The Greek consul in Ghana Mr. Theofilos Pizanias welcomed the team and discussed details of the forthcoming mission. Mr. Pizanias was the inspiring person of this mission, who had organized the visit in collaboration with officials of the ministry of health in Accra and local governments in north of the country. He informed us that the top priority of the president of the country is the development of northern Ghana, because of problems in infrastructure, health, agriculture and other segments of governments activities. In addition, arrangements had been made with members of the local organization SADA (Savannah Accelerated Development Authority), which was responsible for the development of northern Ghana in collaboration with the government. SADA organized the whole program, offered the transportation means, and covered all the expenses for accommodation and meals.

Next morning, October 16th, the team traveled by air to the city of Tamale and was taken immediately to the headquarters of SADA, where information was exchanged about the activities and principles of both Heart Doctors and SADA. Then the team left by car for the city of Fumbisi accompanied, by a member of the government and an official of SADA, who was responsible for organizing every detail of the mission in all places to be visited and work.

The next two days, the 17th and 18th of October, the team offered medical services to the people of the villages Weisi and Nabdam of the Bulsa South district. In the afternoon, the team moved to the city of Bolga to spend the night.

On the 19th and 20th of October, people of the villages Kitimiaagin and Yakoti of the Nabdam district were attended for examination and treatment. In the afternoon of the 20th of October, the team moved to Naleigu district to spend the night.

On the 21st of October, medical services were offered to the people of the city Gambaga of the East Mamprusi district and on the 22nd people from the village Kurugona in the same district were attended. In the afternoon doctors and companions returned to Tamale by car.

On the 23rd, the team worked for the people of the city Jisonayili.

On the 24th, a gathering was programmed of Heart Doctors and members of SADA, in the headquarters of SADA together with people of the press and local television for a survey of the visit.

Following an introduction by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SADA, Mr. Charles Aburge, expressing sincere thanks to the Greek Consul in Ghana Mr. Pizanias for inspiring and organizing this mission with the government, SADA and Heart Doctors for their dedication in the help of the sick fellow human being, a detailed analysis of the day by day activities was made by the member of SADA who followed the mission. Also comments were made about the health problems of the people in the areas visited from the president of Heart Doctors, together with suggestions for a drastic reduction of the consumption of pepper and salt. These two additives, because of the almost daily use of dried fish, are responsible for the many cases of gastritis and hypertension, the two main problems which apparently concern the entire population of Ghana.

Return to Accra and accommodation in an hotel of the city.

On the 25th, the team was invited by the Greek consul in his residence for lunch and was driven in late afternoon to the airport. Return to Greece on the 26th of October.

The present mission in Ghana was probably the best organized medical activity of Heart Doctors in an African country. It should be emphasized that it was the only mission in which all expenses were covered by SADA, including domestic flight transport, accommodation and feeding.

It was noted that sick people who came for consultation had already visited local health centers and received treatment of unknown quality, which apparently was not effective.

Frequent health problems encountered were low back pain, gastritis, hypertension, scabies, eye problems, malaria, infections of the respiratory tract, diarrhea.