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Heart Doctors visit schools, 28 - 31.1.2020

An eight - member team of “Heart Doctors”, during the four - day period of time 28-31.1.2020, after the necessary consultations, visited three Second Chance Schools (SCS), operating in Adult Male Prisons. They also visited two schools in Thessaloniki.

On 28.1.2020, the team of “Heart Doctors” visited the 1st SCS of Domokos, and informed the students (for the second year) about the humanitarian work of the Organization “Heart Doctors”. They discussed with the students the problems faced by thousands of people (including too many young children), who live sick in remote settlements in Africa and Asia, with inadequate medical care. They explained that they provide medical assistance, food aid to starving people, medicines and other necessities to victims of war and natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.). They showed pictures on video. The students were then given certain useful commodities (clothing, footwear etc.). Certain students, suffering from poor eyesight, were provided with appropriate eyeglasses, after examination. Various medicines were later offered to the dispensary of the prison, as requested (because these medicines were not enough or lacking there).

The students presented their own program - one of them impressed the team by playing on the piano parts of famous classical works.

The students, the Director of the school Mr. Nikolaos Mallios, the Social Worker Ms. Georgia Manolopoulou and the Director of the prison Mr. Theodoros Kostaras thanked for the visit.

The following day, on 29.1.2020, the team visited the 2nd SCS of Larissa. The “Heart Doctors” have visited this school many times. Here, too, the students were informed about the latest in the Organization`s humanitarian activity and received similar gifts. Certain students were examined and given appropriate eyeglasses. The Director of the School Mr. George Trantas, members of the staff and the students thanked for the visit.

On 30.1.2020, the team worked in Thessaloniki.
The team with associates from Thessaloniki, visited two schools, whose students gather medicines from time to time and offer them to “Heart Doctors”. These schools were:

-4th High School of Polichni, Director: Mrs. Triantafyllia Sivaka.
-9th Primary School of Stavroupolis. Director: Mr. Antonios Koutsogiannis.

Note that the 4th High School of Polichni, from time to time, has been sending medicines to “Heart Doctors” since 2011. Ms. Eleni Sotiriou warmly thanked the children of both schools.

A visit was also made to the International Philosophical Organization NEW ACROPOLIS in Thessaloniki (Director Mr. Athanasios Koukouvis). In a very pleasant atmosphere, the New Year`s pie was cut and medicines collected for “Heart Doctors” were offered to the team. NEW ACROPOLIS has been helping “Heart Doctors” by offering medicines for years.

On 31.1.2020, the team, with associates from Thessaloniki, visited the 1st SCS of Grevena. The students were informed as in the other two SCSs and then they were given similar useful articles. The Director of the prison Mr. Christos Psychos, the Social Worker Ms. Chrysa Syrou and the Director of the School Mr. Panagiotis Theodorou, thanked the team for the visit.

“Heart Doctors” express their thanks to the Council of each prison for approving the respective visits.