The purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the Organization is:

  • Free medical attendance and donation of medicines in very poor populations living in distant, remote and difficult to approach areas of the third world. Immediate assistance to people in countries at war, refugee camps, big natural disasters, epidemics etc.

  • Free distribution of food to suffering of malnutrition, famine, due to events like floods, droughts, displacement etc.

  • Free distribution of clothes, blankets, tents, school materials, drinking water and various necessities of life.

  • Care for planning and financial support of the construction of medical centres, schools, kindergartens, orphanages, water tanks, wells of drinking water etc.

  • Proposals to the Greek government authorities to undertake measures for the planning of projects which will facilitate the humanitarian work of the government abroad.

All the above purposes are materialized with the responsibility of the members of the Organization.