Mission to NIGERIA – January 2024

Mission to NIGERIA – January 2024

A five-member team of “Heart Doctors”, left Athens on Saturday, 27.1.2024, for Nigeria via Cairo. The team arrived the next day in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja, and departed immediately to Minna where they stayed overnight hosted by the governor of Niger State, Mr. Bago.

The first two days the team offered free medical services to two suburbs villages of Minna town according to the governors’ schedule.

On the 31st of January the team departed to the city Bida. After 2.5 hours of rough road trip the team visited the Emir of the area and offered free medical services to the employees in the yard facilities. Then, they visited the “Public Patient Treatment Clinic” where they treated one twin baby that was suffering from bronchial pneumonia. Greek powder milk was given to the baby which drunk it with bulimia.

In the afternoon of the same day, the team departed to Sunti following an invitation from  Mr. Anlo du Pisani and his wife Tamara, General Manager of “Golden Sugar Estate” FMN Koumantaros Group Companies, Sunti, Mokwa, Niger State.

For the next three days, they offered medical services to the Sunti Golden Sugar Estate unit. In addition to the workers in the Sugar Estate, patients from the settlements of the wider area were also offered free medical examination and medication. All patients were  transported by the Companys trucks on multiple routes from nearby and remote villages every day. In many cases milk powder was provided to orphans malnutritioned babies.

On the 4th of February early in the morning the team left Sunti and after 7 hours of rough road trip they reached Abuja Airport where they departed by Egypt Air to Cairo with final destination to Athens. 

Main diseases: Malaria, anemia, respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, infestations, helminth infections, schistosomiasia, skin diseases, arthralgias, child arthralgias, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, urinary tract infections.

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