Mission to CAMEROON – February 2024

Mission to CAMEROON – February 2024

On the 15th of February 2024, a six member team of “Heart Doctors” departed with Egypt Air to Chad with overnight stay in Cairo. The next day they arrived in N’Djamena where they started their trip by car to Bongor. After six endless hours of rough road they reached the borders where they crossed the river to the town Yangoua of Cameroon. Priest Irenee was waiting for them and they continued driving for two more hours in the night in order to reach their final destination, Katrang village.

On 17th of February 2024, the team started the medical services with the help of the local translators which took place at the premises of the church of the Holy Apostles.

For the next five days, a large amount of the population, mainly women and children, gathered from very early in the morning, before dawn, in order to be examined. In some cases of heavy malaria, three children had to be treated by injection. 

Due to heavy drought in the region, during this period, “Heart Doctors” team offered corn to needy poor families as well as powdered milk to infants whose mothers were unable to breastfeed.

“Heart Doctor” team offered school bags, pencils, erasers and scrapers to 120 students who will soon be housed in the two new classrooms which are under construction. Now the children are currently in a makeshift outdoor classroom with branches. 

Main diseases:

Malaria (children – adults women), tracheobronchitis, gastroenteritis, schistosomiasis, gastrointestinal parasites, urinary tract infections, skin diseases, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes.

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